individuality born of conviction.

As a businessman, I have learned one thing in particular - namely, that individuality pays dividends. For in the final analysis, we all have differing wants, personal expectations and individual plans. Therefore, especially in the world of commerce and industry, independence from rigid airline schedules offers a wealth of advantages. Reliability, speed and direct travel to your destinations, no overnight stays due to restricted flight schedules and enhanced quality of life are just some of the benefits. Moreover, travel time can be used to the full in pleasant and discreet atmosphere.

Since JET FLY's foundation in 1996, as the owner and a pilot, I have ensured personally, that JET FLY offers a unique flying experience, that combines first class performance and service with the highest quality and safety levels.

Yours sincerely,

Karl Kletzmaier
Founder, KEBA and JET FLY



character and individuality.

We are proud of the fact that we also make the special wishes of our guests come true. Indeed, we take pleasure in tailoring every detail, from personal service to catering, to individual requirements. We are pleased to organize hotel reservations, meeting rooms, a rental car or a limousine service, etc. and are more than willing to provide personal consulting regarding the many possibilities for turning any flight into a truly memorable experience.

convincing facts.

JET FLY offers numerous advantages deriving from a unique combination of individuality and top quality standards:

  • individual destinations and schedules
  • direct flights - the nearest airport to your final destination is selected
  • personal cabin service
  • pleasant, discreet atmosphere
  • efficient travel - no waiting times or restricted schedules
  • smooth flights (at altitudes of up to 13.000m)
  • highly qualified pilots, trained to the highest standard and subject to ongoing further training
  • certification according to the EASA standard